A Coronavirus Test Center in Germany's Largest Airport Is Using IOTA

A coronavirus test center at a Frankfurt airport uses IOTA technology to immutably store and protect travelers’ information proven to be virus-free, a tweet that first broke the news and later confirmed to be true by a developer of the IOTA Foundation reveals on Jan 7.

Using IOTA for Coronavirus Test Verification

The Frankfurt Airport is the largest in the European economic powerhouse. Travelers can share their coronavirus status securely through the tangle in a GDPR compliant manner. Specific details are not yet public.

However, based on evidence from the screenshot, it appears that the foundation is working with UBIRCH GmbH. The firm develops Internet of Things solutions, and one of their services is used in coronavirus test verification.

The solution provided by Cologne-based startup is also applicable in Ethereum.

The drive and the organic adoption of the Tangle is a UBIRCH initiative that also appears to have been kept out of the radar until there were official confirmations.

A Redditor put it this way:

“The IF knows, but they kept it confidential. Hans tweeted and deleted his tweet. The last thing they want is for these projects to be swamped, harassed, and hassled by either moonboys or haters.”

The Impact of COVID-19 in Germany

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive across the globe, forcing changes. In a new year, the virus will impact the lives of Germans and others.

Notably, Germany’s Federal government decided to extend the lock-down to at least until Jan 31, 2021.

For this specific reason, and as a way to control the spread of the virus, measures instituted by health authorities and being implemented by police on the ground won’t count if there are no proper means of testing.

This advice control, supplying metrics that can be used either to extend or end contagion.

Installing testing centers at airports is one way of preventing the virus from spreading across nations. More importantly, the integration of new technology for efficiency and easy tracking is proving useful.

IOTA’s use as a means of tracking and immutably storing data is a milestone, hinting at the technology’s adoption pace.

As BTCManager reported, because of blockchain in coronavirus monitoring, over 17 million Macau and Chinese residents continued to travel unabated even as other zones lock borders.

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