Tigers attack meat dangled from hook by leaping through the air in incredible video

The incredible footage shows the moment the four big cats leap into the air in a bid to reach their meal.

Each creature can be seen stretching their claws to try and grab the food.

But – as each gets close – the meat is lifted higher in the air and out of their reach.

Without knowing it, the Tigers were taking part in a training exercise designed to stimulate them.

The activity is believed to keep the predators natural hunting instincts sharp while they remain in captivity.

But some viewers claimed the practice was cruel, after the footage it emerged online.

One person said: “Not fun watching animals getting teased by food.”

Another claimed: “There are other ways to give them exercise.”

Others came out to defend the action, with another asking: “How else are they supposed to have and train their natural instincts because they aren’t wild?”

“For example, our lions and tigers are given boomer balls that they can stalk, chase, and pounce on as if they were prey.

“Our keepers are also very creative and can create ‘prey’ out of cardboard and other approved materials that our animals may then stalk/hunt.”

Tigers can leap up to 30ft in the air, according to National Wildlife Federation.

It comes after a half lion, half tiger dubbed the “world’s largest cat” was filmed being taken for a walk.

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