Bitfinex announced trading pair for ZRX

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has announced that ZRX (0x) is now available for lending and margin trading on the platform. The move comes just a day after ZRX was listed on Coinbase, a major milestone that has resulted in the token price steadily increasing throughout the week.

Bitfinex has stated that the ZRX listing “marks a turning point” as the platform had been reticent in adding new tokens in order to protect users from large price swings. ZRX has been named the first token to go through Bitfinex’s risk analysis criteria successfully, resulting in the listing.

ZRX is the first token to go through our analysis and meet all of our criteria. Some of the many high-level factors included in this decision process include:

– ZRX/USD and ZRX/ETH trading pairs on our platform have been consistently healthy (both in user numbers and volume) since they were first added,

– ZRX is traded on many exchanges, both centralised and decentralised,

– ZRX has one of the more widely distributed ERC20 token holder bases.

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