IBM, Hacera Create The “Yellow Pages” Of Blockchains

Tech giant IBM has joined a decentralized cross-blockchain registry initiative to launch a Yellow Pages-like directory for blockchain projects.

In a blog post, Jerry Cuomo, vice president at IBM Blockchain said that they have joined the Unbounded Registry initiative as a founding member. The Unbounded Registry, led by blockchain startup Hacera, provides a decentralized means to register, look up, join and transact across a variety of blockchain solutions. It was built to interoperate with all of today’s distributed ledger technologies. Other members of the initiative include Intel, Huawei, Batavia, Hitachi, and the Australian Blockchain Association.

The goal of the Unbounded Registry is to become a go-to education tool for the market, as adoption of distributed ledger technology increases, and we start to see an increasing-returns network effect as small ledgers acquire more users. The initiative aims to expedite the growth of these networks as a whole and hopefully increase the value for all participants.

“What makes a private network private, or a public network public? Well, most private networks are unlisted,” Cuomo said. “Unbounded gives these network solutions a change to be in the “yellow pages of blockchain,” and be publicly visible.”

The Unbounded Registry will provide several key capabilities, including reserved naming for blockchain projects, the discoverability of blockchain networks and applications, a catalogue of domain-specific functions and services, and an independent, open and shared blockchain backed platform.

“By working with Hacera and other members of Unbounded Registry, we see a future where consumers and providers of blockchain services will be able to discover each other and begin transacting in a more secure way and where technology providers and consumers can innovate and integrate to create limitless and unbounded possibilities,” Cuomo said.

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