DigiByte [DGB]: Nationwide Merchant Solutions sets up DGB payments for businesses and merchants

The partnership between DigiByte and Block 30 labs last month at the DigiByte Global summit resulted in benefits to both the cryptocurrency and the decentralised block token provider. Both proponents in the partnership intend to scale the adaptability of blockchain technology and are working towards complimenting each other while doing so.

Founder of DigiByte, Jared Tate, had this to say about teaming up with Block 30 labs,

“The full ecosystem vision of BLOCK 30 Labs is a perfect match for the vision of where we want to go with DigiAssets moving forward…By leveraging the speed, scalability, and security of the DigiByte blockchain as the backbone of their offerings, Block 30 Labs will pierce the secondary layers of the consumer, merchant, and professional enterprise world. Which is a huge milestone along the journey for mass global adoption of the DigiByte ecosystem.”

In a recent development, DigiByte achieved another feat and is thus, successfully expanding its reach. The merchant payment processing solution, Nationwide Merchant Solution, announced that it will be setting up DigiByte payments for businesses and merchants. This was confirmed in a tweet by the Chief Marketing Officer of DigiByte’s Awareness team, Rudy Bouwman, who tweeted,

The same was promoted by Litecoin proponent and the VP of Nationwide Merchant Solutions in a tweet,

In the wake of this update by Nationwide Merchant Solutions, DigiByte has taken a step forward towards promoting enterprise, consumer adoption and decentralization of consumer. DigiByte was priced at $0.0151, with a market cap of $178 million, at press time.

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