Baer Chain Launched the Mainnet Beta test, BRC Price Reached A New Peak

BRC has been performing very well since the launch of Baer Chain MEP (Million Ecology Project). On June 3rd, Baer Chain officially announced that the mainnet start beta test officially and BRC price has been rapidly increasing since then.

The BRC price has been increasing stably since listing on exchange last year. In 2018, although the whole cryptocurrency market underperformed, the BRC price achieved a significant rise.

Moreover, BRC has become one of the only three crptocurrencies that didn’t go lower than the initial prices in 2018. Furthermore, it has maintained a steady rise in the price for two months after listing.

“These are reflections of the strongest consensus of all the eco-participants of Baer Chain, which is the result of their consistent optimism about Baer Chain and buying in a large number of positions.” Baer Chain’s founder and CEO Vincent said in an interview. Because the blockchain industry continues to pay attention to Baer Chain and MEP has been the focus of the industry KOLs since April, Baer Chain community is destined to become more prosperous.

“Consensus means everything. The positive cycle of Baer Chain’s ecology is reflected in the external performance of BRC.” When it comes to BRC’s excellent performance, Vincent explained the reason. BRC’s strength is that the Baer Chain project is developing smoothly, and the continuous expansion of the ecology, and the inevitable result of the gradual stabilization of the consensus.

Baer Chain was established in 2017. In 2018, it experienced the conversion of bull and bear markets. The benign development has made more and more people from questioning to faith, from indifference to enthusiasm, and BRC is the indicator of Baer Chain value. The trend of BRC also reflects the market’s view on the development and future value of Baer Chain.

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