Anthony Pompliano Calls On All Crypto Exchanges To Delist BSV Simultaneously On May 1st Following Craig Wright's Threats

We recently reported that Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao is sick and tired (just like a lot of people in the crypto space) of Craig Wright’s claims that he’s the real Satoshi Nakamoto and he threatened to delist BSV.

This comes right after a threatened lawsuit of Hodlonaut – of the Lightning Torch fame – by Wright.

Vitalik Buterin has publicly called him “a fraud,” and it seems that Hodlonaut did the same.

People are really tired of Wright’s attitude of threatening everyone who calls him out for lying.

If you’re not aware of this, well, Wright has been claiming for quite a while that he’s the real Satoshi Nakamoto despite the fact that there’s a ton of proof that the man is lying.

There’s a whole GitHub page that details a lot of rebuttals of Wright’s claims providing enough evidence to show that this man is not the BTC inventor.

Anthony Pompliano calls for delisting BSV

Anthony Pompliano also stepped up and called out for delisting Craig’s BSV crypto from all crypto exchanges on May 1st.

This is a response to Craig’s intimidation towards all the people who are calling him out for pretending he’s Satoshi. Here’s Pompliano’s tweet below.

As you can see, the tweet is calling on the whole crypto community to delist BSV from exchanges because this is the right thing to do.

ZyCrypto writes that after Hodlonaut called out Craig as a fraud, he has been issuing threats to sue Hodlonaut for defamation and he’s even offered a bounty of 70 BSV ($5,000) to anyone who can say who is behind the Hodlonaut account.

The support for Hodlonaut keeps mounting, and there’s also been a special account opened to contribute to the legal expenses.

Hodlonaut’s Twitter account has been deleted for a while. But the fight against Wright is definitely intensifying.

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